Preserving the history of local and regional WWII Veterans and aviation history image

Preserving the history of local and regional WWII Veterans and aviation history

Preserving History, Planes & Heroes Stories

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Preserving History and Growing

Founded by the late MS Governor Kirk Fordice and his son Dan Fordice, (SHAF) the Southern Heritage Air Foundation and museum has been entrusted with the stories of local and regional heroes that have served our country, along with preserving WWII and Vintage aircraft that still fly today. We are quickly becoming one of the top tourist attractions in our area, attracting visitors from all over the world, and hosting The Best Little Air Show in the World,

Our commitment to "Never Forget" is evident as you enter the museum. Sharing "real life" and "living history" is an honor for us. Did you know that the pilot, Cary Salter, of our P-51D Charlotte's Chariot, was from Jackson, Mississippi? Did you know that Betty Keim, who was born in Tallulah, Louisiana and raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi worked on the atomic bomb that ended the war? Did you now that the crew of the Memphis Belle had a mascot they adopted? Did you know that Guy Brown's story of flying a TBM and dying for country was almost lost? Did you know that the Confederate Air Force was actually formed in Vicksburg, Mississippi? Oh the things we can show you and teach you!!

When you tour the museum or join us for an event or monthly hangar lunch, you will meet our amazing group of volunteers, many of which are veterans themselves, but all of which have a love of their country.

One thing we are also proud of is that the Southern Heritage Air Foundation is run by volunteers and their are no paid employees of the Foundation, so all you give goes directly in to keeping the museum open and an asset to the community.

Visit our website or visit us on social media for more information and for our calendar of events.

Thank you for support and we hope to see you soon!

Blue Skies,

Your Friends at SHAF